The Reboot!

3 years is a long time to sit on a website! The first time around I didn't really know what I was doing, aaaaaaannnd to be honest I still don't, BUT I have gained a butt load more experience, and in this past month a lot has happed for me that now really seems like as good a time as any to step up my game.

My second home.

So what's happened so far this month? Well to start with I moved into my own studio space directly above my gym! "Thaitan Muay Thai Circuit" I absolutely LOVE this place, I wanted somewhere close enough that it would force me to go there every day, fortunately for me the top floor was available, so I took it! No excuses not to be there every day now and I'm already in the best shape I've been in in a long time, maybe ever. It's bare bones at the moment as I don't have the extra funds to furnish the place right now but it's only gonna be this way for a couple of months once holidays and outgoing payments are out of the way. I'll make sure to post something about the place soon.

Secondly, one of the best things that has happened this month by far has been the announcement of my project with WrestleTalk I will be collaborating with them one their "Crap Gimmick Wrestling" segment, I will post a blog about that soon explaining exactly how the opportunity came about and exactly what can be expected in the future.

This week I also appeared as a guest on a podcast for the first time ever and that funnily enough was a big boot up the ass to finally get this website sorted as well as some other things. The podcast was the JPrimeCast which you can find right here, it was a great conversation about all things art and my life, be sure to check it out!

Everything else is still happening! Welcome to the Freakshow, Datasheet: Classified a much more of a heavier, hands on approach to my Patreon and much more!!!

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