The British Butcher

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

I was actually bummed that The British Butcher didn't make the cut, especially knowing the roster as it stands now, he would have fit in perfectly with the rest of the food based wrestlers, Imagine a feud between The British Butcher and Chris P Bacon! The whole feud could be The Butcher trying to get ahold of Chris' pet pig Abraham! Oh what could have been!

As you may have seen over on CGW's Patreon the original design of The Butcher looked a little different from this design below, so I scrapped that and completely redesigned him.

In the Crap Gimmicks segment Oli and Luke mentioned that he might have a Jack Gallagher look, and though he might not actually look like him I jus wanted to get that Gentleman image. I also though of the British Bulldog for the ring attire I wanted him to be draped in the Union Jack, though with the Butcher I wanted to also give him a 2 strap singlet as I figure the straps would represent the Butcher's apron.

Then obviously the entrance attire was pretty simple, just a butchers apron and the classic Sausage chain mention in the original pitch.

So here's the video below, this is episode 2 of Crap Gimmicks, love to know what you guys think be sure to get in touch, should he have been signed?

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