My Running Joke & My Future

It's difficult at times to be honest with one another, often the hardest thing to do is to be honest with yourself. I've written more times than I care to remember that I plan to move away from client work, I've told you "I'll be releasing this, I'll be uploading that" and time and time again I fail. Telling you what I'm going to do, only to then not deliver has become my running joke.

I'm not going to tell you that this isn't one of those times, because history has told me how this goes. Give or take a few steps each time, it goes a little something like this.

  1. I get the desire to create something or tell a story.

  2. I get started.

  3. I tell you all about it.

  4. I show off some designs.

  5. Then I need to pay a bill.

  6. So I take on client work.

  7. Then I need to pay rent.

  8. I take on more client work.

  9. Bills and rent are paid.

  10. I get a shiny new idea.

  11. I get the desire to create something or tell a story.

  12. I get started.......

  13. Rinse and Repeat.

It's boring to me, so I can imagine people that have taken an interest in my work feel the same, or maybe there's indifference, that's probably more likely at this point.

Truthfully though, things aren't good....THEY'RE GREAT! I am snowed under there is absolutely no denying that, I am behind on client work but I'm catching up and my first plan of action is to eliminate that. It's well and truly time for a change.

Hanging out on the beaches of Koh Samet with someone very close to me.

If you've checked out my instagram stories you would have seen that I recently took some time away from our home in Chiang Mai, the pollution had gotten so bad that I had to get my family here, and While it's still not great here, after 3 weeks away it was time to come home. Now I was working practically the whole time I was there but it still felt like a vacation, I got to see parts of Thailand I've never seen before and kind of reset my brain, It was exactly what was needed. I am now back and can't wait to get started!

What's the plan going forward?

While as I was away, I applied for the Oatley Academy's Dream Machine mentorship program, I didn't expect to get a spot but amazingly I did! To this point so far it's made me reflect on my art career to date, the improvements I've made, the pitfalls there have been along the way and most importantly where I want my art career and life to go from here, what I expect of myself and where I want to be professionally and in my personal life 5, 10 and 20 years from now.


The next step is to pick exactly next step. It needs to be something that has a legitimate fanbase, something that interests me creatively and just as important is financially viable. If I'm going to make the switch from client work to becoming an entrepreneur with a production company that creates its own intellectual properties, I need to think about a solid foundation that can springboard me to that admittedly lofty goal.

The next step is Crap Gimmick Wrestling, I have been incredibly lucky and I've been given the opportunity to help in creating this fan driven project. I have huge ideas for the potential this property has. There are so many avenues we can go down and the WrestleTalk community can have a hand in directing the ship. I am currently working on the branding and have the Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles down, I am also putting together the Patreon page so that fans of the project can get involved on the ground floor. There will be different reward tiers that will grant different levels of involvement in the actual creation and direction of the Entire Crap Gimmick roster.

The first goal in place is that once we get to 50 Patrons I will create and Debut the Prestigious Intercontinental Breakfast Championship, and as with before, you, the SWAFT Nation will help me in creating it, I will put fourth my pitch of what I think the Title should look like, likely with input from Oli, Luke and that trustworthy El Fakidor, from that point you can have your say, tell us what you like and give us your ideas. CGW has always been a fan driven project and I intend to do everything I can to keep it that way. I still have a lot of work to do, but change is coming. I'm going top continue working on the Patreon Page today, and maybe find some time to work one rebooting the overall look of CGW.

Please note, my other projects are NOT dead and buried, Welcome to the Freakshow, The Street Roster and Witch Way will all get the attention I need them to have, they are simply put on the back-burner so I can work on something that will actually allow them to at some point in the Future see the light of day.

Hopefully a LOT sooner than you think.

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