Here's to the Future

It's been a long time coming, a LONG time... certain events at the end of last year forced me to focus solely on client work, client work had to and did take priority.

It's been a hell of a year so far, and some great things have happened due to said event. Negative things happen in life, to be*t happens. What's important is how we deal with these situations and doing our best to turn those negatives into positives. The fallout is now in the rear view mirror and this is the last time I need to talk about it. Happy days!

So......Moving on

I have a goal set for myself now and I need your help. I want to move towards being entirely client free. Not being able to work on my own intellectual property for so long has made me desperate to do so, but the fact is desire alone doesn't pay the bills. I need to work out the best way to monetise my own IP. So that's where you can help, yep, here's the sales pitch.

I'm going to focus as much as I can on Patreon. If you don't already know Patreon is a platform where you can become a Patron of you favourite content creators, in short you can financially support creators on a monthly basis. You can pledge as little or as much as you like and you can cancel at anytime. This is the most direct way to tell a creator that you like what they do and want to see more, crowdfunding has become more and more popular over the last so many years, it's done great for me and I'm not ready to push forward.

If you'd like to check out my Patreon and pledge then please click the link here it is truly appreciated and makes a big difference! Everything that comes in through Patreon gives me time to create content, which potentially also has monetary value. Here are a few examples below.

  1. Comics - With everything from Welcome to the Freakshow to Datasheet: Classified these books take time to create, with Patreon I can spend time working on these stories, documenting the process and showing the journey exclusively on Patreon to anyone that pledges, upon completion these books can be pitched to a publisher and then sold creating more income for the next book.

  2. Webcomics and merchandise - A part of creating comics is the world building, a world contains products and much like Grand Theft Auto and Zootopia I intend to create products that exist within my comics universe. For example my first comic universe product is a in world company called Street Rooster Beer. SRB is going to be a beer company that exists in the background of all my comic properties, I will create a very short webcomic on WebToons that explains the birth of the company and what it is, the intention will be to send traffic from WebToons to my other books. I will then create a full product design, which can then all potentially be compiled into an anthology series. I can also create SRB t-shirts and sell them through my online store.

  3. Crap Gimmick Wrestling - As you may have seen before I'm working with WrestleTalk to create their Crap Gimmick Roster, once this is completed there are multiple opportunities for the project, the extra visibility alone is enough of a reason for me to spend my time on it as with every new wrestler created there is a big boost in my social media following. This leaves room for great future revenue.

  4. Tutorials - Patreon gives me the opportunity to create tutorials for certain tier levels, these can then be sold through online schools such as Udemy or Skillshare.

So that's all I want to dump in your lap right now, I really believe in myself, I just need a little help to get started, the more I gain in pledges the more of my own free time I have to be able to create and become completely self sufficient.

One last time if you're intrested in supporting me in building my future please check out there are a whole bunch of reward tiers available. I'm also always interested in hearing any ideas you may have the might improve the experience, so if you do then please feel free to message me.

I'm trying hard to build Creatively Wasted Studios, I could do with a hand.

Thank you.

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