Getting the store ready

Everything takes time, sometimes these things take a little longer than we would ideally like. My art career has kind of been like that, always moving forward but often moving forward in a slightly different way, kinda like taking the scenic route.

I realised that I create a lot of art but I don't actually have anything for you fine people to purchase if you infact want to. That's about to change.

I've been looking up different ways to sell my art and grow my business, a pretty obvious and simple enough way is through selling T-shirts. I'm currently looking into finding different printers here and weighing up the costs and quality of each place. Also doing a little market research and finding out how much to sell everything for, add to that working out the price of postage and packaging too, there's quite a bit to work out.

I've been speaking with a few places, so real soon I should have a pretty decent idea how much everything is going to cost me per order and can start pushing forward, I have one particular place that I hope works out as the can also be used to print art prints and stickers.

As you may have already seen, my plan is to start creating products and brands that exist within my comic book world that I can then turn into actual merchandise that can be sold through my website, I can then make sure that everything is printed in the week and that the orders are sent out every friday. The first thing that I'm likely pushing forward with will be my Street Rooster property.

I'll be sure to keep you all updated on everything going forward, time to build the store!

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