Crap Gimmick Wrestling

So I wanted to take some time to explain in full what is happening with the project between myself and WrestleTalk, or I should say WrestleTalks ongoing segment that I'm getting involved with and that project is none other than Crap Gimmick Wrestling!

For those of you that don't know Crap Gimmicks is a segment on WrestleTalk's weekly show WrestleRamble, during this part of the show Oli and Luke read out pitch's from WrestleTalk's fans AKA the SWAFT Nation as they pitch the worst possible gimmicks they can, imagine 90's WWF turned up to 11. Each week if a Wrestler is crappy enough they get signed to a developmental contract with the now named Crap Gimmick Wrestling.

I guess I'll start with how I got involved, it all began with a Crap Gimmick submission for a wrestler named Chris P Bacon. Now Chris P Bacon has a love for two things in this world the first being bacon, the second being his pet pig now the kicker is that he is completely oblivious that the two are in any way related. I thought the idea for this character was simple, brilliant and potentially very funny!

So I thought I would reach out to Oli and Luke on twitter, I explained briefly who I was, what I do and asked how it would be possible to contact them about an idea that they may be interested in. I received a response with an email address and immediately sent my pitch. It was pretty simple, each time they sign a wrestler I would create the artwork and help them develop the visuals to the whole CGW brand.

Oli was onboard!! Unfortunately we now know that Luke had been kidnapped and WrestleTalk had been infiltrated by a fake Luke! but thankfully fake Luke was found out, the real Luke returned and they now have good old trustworthy El Fakidor keeping an eye on all things security. Anyway......I digest. Luke was also onboard!! and my involvement was announced on an episode of WrestleRamble which you can find below at the 48:55 mark.

My very first wrestler to create was the one and only WrestleBot 1000 (pictured right), a couple of nights ago I created a Patreon post on all that went into his creation, including all early sketches and designs that didn't quite make the cut, the original pitch from the member of the SWAFT Nation and some direction from Oli, if you are interested in seeing all the behind the scenes fun, including his debut on the WrestleTalk news please feel free to click right HERE and let me know what you think, any feedback is of course always truly appreciated .

Finally in this video on the left Oli and Luke talk about how pleased they are with WrestleBot and pick the next edition to the Crap Gimmick Roster.

So I guess that's it, I'll leave you alone now, I can't wait to see where this goes, and there are already some smutterings around the water fountain of things that we can do with this awesome project.


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