As some of you might have heard CGW is over, this is not the least not necessarily. CGW didn't get the outspoken love from the WrestleTalk community AKA the SWAFT Nation as it should have, and so Oli and the guys decided to pull the Crap Gimmicks segments and prioritise parts of the show that had a more vocal fanbase. The correct move.

I reached out to Vinny who runs the WrestleTalk Clips channel a few months back about potentially running the old Crap Gimmicks clips on his channel, he liked the idea but he and I had different ideas of how we wanted to approach the project, he liked the idea of a "Best of" segment which is hopefully something we can still do down the line. Where as I wanted to essentially catalogue the entirety of the Crap Gimmicks episodes, this is a much more time consuming idea and he just didn't have the time in his day to day. Totally understandable.

The last I spoke to Oli on the subject of CGW he had got wind of the fact that Vinny and I had been talking and he said "hopefully that will renew interest."

That's where we are, it's basically down to us to show that there is still an interest for Crap Gimmicks. I've got enough to keep me busy and at least finish CGW up until the point where it is now. By that time hopefully it gets renewed.

So as you have likely seen by this point I have started a Youtube channel for Crap Gimmick Wrestling. I have gone through hours and hours and hours of WrestleTalk footage, trying to find every single episode or mention of CGW, below you can see the video that kicked off Crap Gimmicks.

The next video is what I like to call the official first episode of Crap Gimmick Wrestling. They're still very much trying to work out "What are the rules?"

Going forward the plan at this point for episode 2 and onwards is to focus on the content of each episode. If a wrestler gets signed they will have a full character design as well as the trading card created, the process of which will be posted on the Patreon page which you can check out here

However, just because a wrestler doesn't get signed that doesn't mean I won't sketch out what I think a particular submission would have looked like, in fact in the next episode I believe that Oli and Luke missed a potential GREAT submission, so I've been working on the art for that wrestler. Speaking of which....

There will be a new post on the Patreon page tomorrow which will show early as well as exclusive images of discarded design ideas from the upcoming episode 2. Spoiler alert, there will be sausages.

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