Hi, my name is Lewis Tillett, I'm an illustrator/Character Designer/Comics creator type guy.

If you're here reading this you have most likely stumbled across my shameless self promotion on with of my various social media accounts that I struggle so desperately to stay on top of.


So here's the deal. All my projects are currently in development. I'm currently working on 3 main IP's.


  • Welcome to the Freakshow - WTTFS is a horror/slasher comic series about a traveling Freakshow, as they travel from town to town leaving blood and mayhem in their wake.

  • Datasheet: Classified - I've teamed up with my longtime buddy Paul Wood to create a comic series called Datasheet: Classidied. Here's the elevator pitch."The Advanced Research Centre is a private institute, founded to research and help to further the understanding of the causes of 'abilities' in humans. Living in the ARC, a group of extraordinary individuals have been given the opportunity to learn to control, even further their gifts, and to use them for the betterment of the world."


  • Crap Gimmick Wrestling - I have taken the hot tag from the great folks at WrestleTalk to bring their Crap Gimmick Roster to life, each time a wrestler is signed to the roster I will be creating an illustration of that character.  


In a nutshell, that's me, a family man with a dumb sense of humour who got sick and tired of working in retail.

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